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Area Agency on Aging Region IV

Problem - the current website design was clunky and the 'look and feel' was not consistent with the current theme and design being used in their present publications. The use of saturated colors was heavy and distracting to the eyes, making it a difficult to concentrate on finding information.

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Solution - the page layout was revamped with two new link navigation menus, to allow the visitors to access the various sections and information services that they offer. The overall use of color through the webpages was reduced to the logo, an accent bar of color at the top of each page, and in the various logos associated with the services offered.

The Result - a renewed interest and push from within the organization to utilize the website as a communication tool for their target audience and their counselors.


Problem - This service offered by Area Agency on Aging wanted a simple, easy to read website that could be used by the 50+ senior citizens who would be using their services.

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Solution - a framed setup was used to maintain links to the various sections of the website. Style sheets were used to format the text and information so that it would be easier for older adults to read the information without squinting or straining. Information is kept brief and to a minimum.

Lake Michigan College

Problem - The college needed a website that was consistent with the image being communicated through its publications and up to date with current web design standards. Multiple web authors had created many different page designs, undermining the visitor's confidence in the presentation and information found on the website.

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Solution - CSS was used to set site-wide formatting and layout settings throughout the website. Macromedia Dreamweaver templates were used to provide a consistent page layout structure used by all web authors, and a set of web authoring guidelines were compiled and distributed to all web authors in a newly created 3 hour training/orientation session.



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