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Gast Manufacturing, Inc

Problem - the original website was designed by an outside design firm, and was outdated in terms of information. Visitors had complained about the heavy use of dark colors, which made it hard to view the images, links, and other information. The heavy use of graphics on the various pages also increased the overall download times of the pages, and many visitors would leave out of frustration. Many of the website's visitors were disappointed that the technical product information that they desired was not available on the website, but was only offered in paper format.

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Solution - The colors used throughout the website were reduced to shades of gray to promote a cleaner, more professional look. As a majority of the website visitors were using a dial-up connection to browse the website, many of the graphic elements were reduced or resized to shorten the download time of the pages. Technical product information was added to the product pages, and product catalogs were offered as downloadble pdf files direct from the website.

The Result - a 35% increase in overall traffic and returning site visitors, who now use the website as their 'Gast electronic product catalog'.

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Version 2 sample

Through Kelly's Eyes

Problem - the client had a website which was not generating traffic due to broken shopping cart code and fragmented webpage content & navigation. Maintenance needed to be done by the client so that she could add new images and products when needed.

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Solution - Miva Merchant was used to both provide the online storefront functionality as well as content maintenance. The client is able to easily add new images and product options through a web-based administrative application, eliminating the need to purchase web authoring software. And the online store allows the client to easily keep track of incoming orders.

Calamus Studios
This is a 'first concept' mockup done for Calamus Studios, an interior design firm located in San Francisco, CA.

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